Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Products e-shop has been recenly opened, however please be aware that currently there is only a CZ version. We're working on EN version as well and it should be ready soon. Thank you for your patience and sorry for any invonceniences this may bring. 

We focus on developing and assembling client's customized projects.

However, all the products listed below
 have been fully finished and tested already, therefore it is possible to implement them anywhere, without further adjustments. We can, of course, modify the products according to your wish and vision. In case you're interested in projecting your own idea, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to discuss all possible options with you and eventually calculate time schedule & budget needs.

Electric heating control systems Print E-mail

Electric heating & infra control systems
R01, R02, R03, R04, R10 and R20 controllers are assigned for the temperature control inside sauna rooms. They are being produced in varieties denoted from R01 to R0X. The weekly timer automatically switches the sauna heating on and heats it to a preset temperature on an arbitrary day of the week and time of day is a standard accessory for any controller type.

Digital thermometers Print E-mail

ED&S digital thermometers are accurate and due to their modern design they fit into various places. Our thermometers are heat-resistant, so they can be used also in saunas.

Intelligent timers Print E-mail

IQ-10L Intelligent Timer
The timer is assigned for switching of the lights in passages and stairways, for switching ventilators and for other applications. It is provided with several functions increasing comfort and power consumption efficiency.

Dimming lamp controllers Print E-mail

Programmable dimming fluorescent lamp controllers - suitable for light control in animal breeding compartment.

Dispensers for paste solder and adhesive dosage Print E-mail

Liquid Media Dispenser & Vacuum Pipette DP-02
This two-in-one microprocessor-controlled device combines a dispenser and vacuum pipette for use in surface mount board assembly (SMT) or whenever you have a requirement for the handling of delicate components and the application of an accurate dosage of a liquid or paste-like media.

Emergency flash short-circuit protection Print E-mail

Emergency short-circuit protection protects high-voltage switchboards from the destructive impact of a short-circuit electric arc. Device reacts already to a small electric flashover in critical high-voltage switchboard locations. The swift switching off of a relevant circuit protects expensive equipment from serious damage.

Optical sensors Print E-mail

Optical sensors for flash detection.

Education and advertising devices Print E-mail

Electronic devices for education and advertising